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Illinois destinations, parks and attractions

Are you going on a road trip to Illinois, looking for tips about the destinations so you and your party can enjoy it, be comfortable and not spend a fortune?

Here are some of the top destinations in Illinois and tips about visiting them

National parks and monuments in Illinois

Illinois State parks and historic sites

Illinois Seasons, bugs, topography and climate

Located in the midwest at the edge of the plains, Illinois has cold winters,hot summers, and frequent short fluctuations in temperature, humidity, cloudiness, and wind direction. Many consider the more moderate temperatures of spring and fall to be the most pleasant.

Illinois Camping tips

Camping is available at many Illinois State Parks. The most-visited sites are listed below. For camping at other State Parks, consult the park listing page.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) does not charge an Entrance Fee to any state owned or operated land with the exception of Wildlife Prairie Park. Sites with Beaches charge a $1 a day per person for beach use only. The fee schedule listed on the right navigation bar is for all sites with camping.


Generally, throughout the state, camping is available year round weather permitting

  • Spring - Summer Camping (May 1 through September 30)
  • Fall - Winter Camping (October 1 through April 30)

As long as buildings, water and electrical service are available, regardless of the date, the regular camping fee will apply. When cold weather requires closing down buildings and shutting off water in Class AA,A, A-P, B/S or B/S-P campgrounds, the fee shall be reduced commensurate with the services and facilities available for use.

Please call ahead for available amenities especially for Class AA, A, A-P, B/S, B/S-P and C camping.

What is a "Premium Campground"?

A designated camping facility that has a preponderant history of consistently operating at capacity. The following sites have been designated as Premium Campgrounds:

  • Chain O'Lakes State Park
  • Illinois Beach State Park
  • Kankakee River State Park
  • Rock Cut State Park
  • Shabbona Lake State Recreation Area
  • Starved Rock State Park

There are both state parks and private campgrounds in Illinois.