Tips, Tricks and How-to's for fun, comfy and easy trips!

Top Road Trip Tips for Fun Travels!

Do you like to fly?  Probably not since the 90's. But loads of people don't like road tripping, either.  Mainly because they do it all wrong, making it a miserable experience.

Here are the top tips to make a road trip fun for everyone on the trip!

  1. Plan ahead - know where you need to be by the end of each day, how long it will take to get there and if needed, have reservations.
  2. Be prepared with snacks, a cooler with drinks, charger cables a pillow for a passenger to sleep comfortably, etc.
  3. Breaks - Understand how often you will need to stop for bathroom breaks based on the smallest bladder in the car.  And schedule it for a fast and clean stop at either a state rest air or a fast food restaurant by an exit.
  4. Have something fun each day - except for the first day out and the last day coming home, each day should have a fun stop!
  5. Have something fun for everyone - A vacation trip is not about dictatorship, make sure you have something on the trip that is special to each person, even if that isn't a daily thing.