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Top Road Trip Tips for Fun Travels!

Do you like to fly?  Probably not since the 90's. But loads of people don't like road tripping, either.  Mainly because they do it all wrong, making it a miserable experience.

Here are the top tips to make a road trip fun for everyone on the trip!

  1. Plan ahead - know where you need to be by the end of each day, how long it will take to get there and if needed, have reservations.
  2. Be prepared with snacks, a cooler with drinks, charger cables a pillow for a passenger to sleep comfortably, etc.
  3. Breaks - Understand how often you will need to stop for bathroom breaks based on the smallest bladder in the car.  And schedule it for a fast and clean stop at either a state rest air or a fast food restaurant by an exit.
  4. Have something fun each day - except for the first day out and the last day coming home, each day should have a fun stop!
  5. Have something fun for everyone - A vacation trip is not about dictatorship, make sure you have something on the trip that is special to each person, even if that isn't a daily thing.
  6. Decide what is important and be prepared - For those things that are important, make sure you have verified dates, times they place or event is open and available. Get reservations well in advance
  7. Prepare for the unexpected - from a need to use a bathroom on a moment's notice where none is available (bring a pop-up tent) to events being closed or cancelled on a given day (have back up plans). In other words, anticipate what to do when things go wrong, and have a backup plan so the trips goes on and remains fun!
  8. Weather - similarly, have a backup plan for bad weather. FOR EACH DAY! Unlerss you are visiting Death Valley, a storm can popup or a rains system can move in for a few days. Be prepared to alter dates and destinations, go somewhere else away from the weather or find something indoors to do.
  9. Medical - Always bring a first aid kit, and bear spray.  Bears are just about everywhere, even in Florida! A good first aid kit could save someone's life.
  10. Electronics - As addicted as we are to them, you won't get cell phone signal, nor electric power everywhere.  Bring batter backups that you can charge in the car while driving and/or solar chargers if you are going to a remote area.
  11. Have friends or relatives always know where you are - Use an app like "Life 360", and enable sharing with someone, who is responsible.  Make sure they have your itinerary and check in daily to verify where you are.  They should also check weather conditions daily, and alert you to flash flood warnings and be prepared to send help for you if you disappear. Work out the details, like when they should contact police if they can't reach you in how many hours. On the less tech level, simply check in with your contact every day to confirm all is well.



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